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I'm Alanna Schroeder-Millar, Founder of The Distinguished Guest. When you get down to it, my life story to this point is of a girl having fun while creating beauty and value—one vacation rental at a time. Before that, though, I spent 15 years as an Asset Manager at a real estate company, where I got great at budgeting, marketing, management, tenant relations, and above all, staying flexible and calm in the face of the day-to-day surprises that only a real estate career can deliver. I liked my job, but wanted to spend more time with my kids. So my husband and I had to get creative. We decided to turn our second home in Lake Tahoe, California into a vacation rental so I could take a “break.” (This is probably a familiar story to all of you in the VR game!) Thoroughly unable to take any project lightly, I threw my heart and soul into turning our lived-in family vacation home into a bonafide ski resort. I wanted it to be a place where guests felt at home but also completely indulged, too. I knew that for a lot of people (especially parents and maybe most especially moms) “home” isn’t always a retreat; there are stresses there, too (dirty sheets, dirty dishes, not enough towels and not enough time in the day). I wanted to create a simple, beautiful place that would wow them like a world-class resort. And I wanted to do it on a budget. Thankfully, a lot of what resort hotels have that vacation rentals don’t are small things that add a lot to the guest experience: sumptuous linens tucked into an expertly made bed, plenty of matching fluffy towels, organic personal care products, and terrycloth bathrobes for after that long soak or hot shower. Day-to-day, I like to live modestly, and I’m always searching for quality items at great prices. When I’d find great deals on linens and other amenities for my Lake Tahoe vacation rental, I wanted to share them with all the wonderful vacation rental owners I’d met in this new phase of my life. That’s when I realized I could use my career background to create a business that makes life a little easier for vacation rental owners…and travel a little more beautiful for guests everywhere. The Distinguished Guest was born! And its been a joy ever since.


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Paradise at the Plantation

... Baths : 3.0

... Beds : 3

... Princeville, HI, US

At the "Paradise at the Plantation" vacation rental home, we will help you create lifelong memories for you and your family. You are about to embark on an adventure of sandy beaches, tropical rain forests, and island spirit. From this moment on you can leave all of your cares behind! Paradise at the Plantation is a luxury 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condominium home located within the Plantation at Princeville enclave on Kauai's North Shore. The home has an open layout that embraces social gatherings so no one will feel left out. This vacation rental home features a prime location within the resort and overlooks the impeccably maintained grounds and pool area of the inner loop!

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