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I live locally to the Great Smoky Mountains! (East Tennessee FTW!)

I love exploring the local-hotspots & finding special deals for each client I work with. We pride ourselves on finding the very best properties for your CASH-FLOW & ROI!

My mom & I are honest folks (and REALTORS) who love to help others; as a young girl my mother inspired me to learn all about investing! She started with Long-Term rentals in Utah & slowly transitioned into the Stunning Smoky Mountains! As a family, we all chipped in to make our rentals the best they could be. 

We are always moving & doing something but, I would love to chat so let's connect :D

My family owns 5 STR's in the Smoky Mountains & 4 LTR's. My brother & I were born in Alabama & spent many years in Orange County, CA. We moved back home about a year ago and are loving every minute. 

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