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Best way to sell your homes

steffie lourdes Athens, TN

August 30, 2019

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Adrian G. Maplewood, NJ

Jun 06 2020, 10:05 AM

There is no true way to sell a home online. At some point in every home sale the process goes offline where the contract are signed and escrow is eventually closed some 30 days after that.

There definitely are ways to market your home for sale online on various sites where a vast majority of home buyers begin and end their search. Trulia is one of the biggest and fastest growing sites in the country that can help you market your home to serious home buyers.

Buyers typically begin their search online then, once they have found a home they want to see, contact an agent to help them through the buying process. Even so called "online" brokers are not online brokers other than the fact that they have websites where you can contact them - but a successful sale will involve a ton I work by a professional agent out in the real world.